I think the word feminism should be changed to equalism. For a few reasons. Previously, before I knew what feminism was actually about, I like many people now think it’s about bringing men down and making women the superior gender. Feminism being about making both genders equal would make more sense being called equalism.
A benefit to this is someone who is an equalist sounds more pleasant. Also anyone who says feminist like Draco Malloy says mudblood will sound extremely prejudice if they were to say equalist. “Those damn equalists always trying to make things fair for all genders.”
It would also be more welcoming to people to who don’t understand what feminism is about. If was changed to equalism, it would be more apparent what we’re trying to accomplish.
One last thing, the word feminism seems to have a negative connotation. The same way sexism and racism do. If you ask me a feminist should be the name for someone who disrespects women.
That’s my probably unpopular opinion.